I know this is all anyone is talking about right now since I guess it premiered only yesterday, but already there have been a lot of mixed feelings towards the show. I also know I won’t be the only person doing a review of sorts, but I just wanted to get some of this off my chest.

I want to start by saying that I didn’t hate it, nor did I absolutely love it, either. The Mortal Instruments series was one of the first series I ever read and was definitely the series that got me into reading. It has a special place in my heart, and when I found out that they were going to give the series another chance at an adaptation, but this time as a television show, I was thrilled. Let’s be real here, the movie kind of sucked A LOT, and we’re so lucky that they wanted to give the story another shot. That being said, let’s talk a little about the show itself.

I watched the first two episodes since they released the second episode on the free form app and website just after the pilot episode finished. If you haven’t watched it yet (and want to watch it), I suggest you not continue reading. You can if you want to, I’m not going to stop you, but I don’t want to accidentally spoil anything for you. I think that you should go into the show without any expectations, and try not to let other people’s thoughts influence your own.

The first thing I want to talk about is the fact that some people are absolutely hating on the show for the silliest and smallest things. Most aren’t happy with the show because they’ve changed a lot of things to the books, even though they literally told us before they finished filming that they would be changing things a little. And I’m not going to lie, they did change a lot. But in saying that, I’m not angry or upset about it like some people are. I feel like the changes they made will make it more interesting to watch as a reader of the book series, because we won’t know exactly what’s going to happen. I’m certain they are going to stick to the main events from the books, which is really all that should matter. For me, all I’m hoping with the show is that they do the books justice.

Moving on to the cast, my first thoughts when they announced the cast was that they did a great job. I think they got all the characters pretty spot on, and I was super happy with the casting for Alec and Izzy (I didn’t really like the movie castings), especially since Matthew Daddario is GORGEOUS! I didn’t really want to compare the movie cast to the television show cast, but there was a few things I noticed. The first being that (so far) Jamie has played Jace better than Dom. Don’t get me wrong, Dom is beautiful and I think he’s done a great job so far, but he’s lacking that arrogance that makes Jace, well, Jace. I think Jamie really got Jace’s personality right, but I still have hope that Dom will build on the arrogant Jace that we all love. I also think Jace and Clary’s relationship is moving way too fast because we’re missing that arrogance from Jace that makes him really struggle with his feelings.

Some other minor problems I had with the show had to do with, firstly and probably my main issue with it, was the pace. I felt like we rushed through almost the first half of the book within two episodes, which meant they kind of brushed over the important parts such as the introduction to the shadow world. I know in the book Clary gets thrown into the world pretty quickly and she learns about it quite fast, but it still felt like it could have been slowed down a little in the show. Secondly, the dialogue. I admit I cringed a little at some of the stuff the cast said (Izzy saying to Clary that Simon is “kind of nerd hot” *cringes*) because it just seemed wrong, and hella cheesy. The second episode was slightly less cheesy, so I have hopes that it’s going to get better as the season goes on. And lastly, the special effects. Yes, they were pretty average (especially the lightsaber-looking seraph blades), but I think most television shows have a pretty low budget when it comes to special effects.


Even though I had some issues with the show, I’m still going to watch the rest of the season. I’m interested to see where they’re going to take these new changes and how they are going to work them in with what we know and love from the book. If you’ve given up already, can I remind you that almost every pilot of every television series is awful, so really Shadowhunters can only get better from here!
Have you watch the first episode yet? What did you think?? Are you going to continue watching the series?




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  1. I thought it was a mess from the pilot to the episode. I cringe at every second and I thought Clary’s character was terrible. IT WAS A MESS. HORRIBLE MESS. I hope their acting gets better, same with the script 😦


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