Ever wanted to explore Australian literature, but didn’t really know where to start? Or maybe you aren’t really familiar with Australian authors, or maybe you’ve read some pretty amazing Australian novels and are wanting more???? Do you love Markus Zusak, Amie Kaufman, Alison Goodman, Melina Marchetta, just to name a few? Well then, do I have the perfect book club for you!

Introducing the Aussie Book Club (Goodreads, Instagram, and Twitter)! Hosted by a group of lovely Australian readers, The Aussie Book Club is for all, whether you’re Australian or not, everyone is welcome to join the book club!

The aim of this book club is to read beautiful Australian books, discover some hidden gems, and to just give our locally grown Australian talent some more recognition and support. Australian authors do not nearly get enough publicity and hype, and we believe they deserve to get as much attention as any other international author does.

We will be reading two books every month, though you don’t need to read both if you don’t want to! You can read one, or both, or neither, but we wanted to give everyone a bit of a choice each month. We will also be hosting discussions on our Goodreads page, chats and polls on our Twitter, and possible giveaways on our Instagram, so follow all of our social media platforms to stay up to date with everything!

We hope you enjoy reading Australian literature as much as we do, and join us in helping spread the love of Aussie authors!

What’s your favourite Australian read? Any Recommendations?
Until next time,danielle


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  1. I haven’t read anything by Aussie authors! (That I know of…??) But I’ve joined the club so hopefully this will change! ;P


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