Okay seriously, how on earth can we already be six months into 2016? And June is almost over now as well??!!! This year has honestly flown by so fast I don’t even know where the time has gone, surely it was March just the other day?! But, as it is the halfway point in 2016, I thought it would be a good idea to look back on the books I’ve read so far. I’ve read some good books, some bad books, and some amazing books, and so I want to share my top five favourite books so far in 2016!

Looking through the 34 books that I’ve read so far, I was honestly pretty surprised to see only 4 books (and 4 short stories/novellas) of the 34 that I had rated 5 stars. I think I’ve become a bit stricter and less lenient with my ratings and am clearly not giving 5 stars away as much or as easily anymore. With that being said, the books that I rated 5 stars are pretty goddamn amazing, and I highly highly recommend them all! So let’s get into it!


5. Tales From The Shadowhunter Academy – Cassandra Clare


I haven’t really talked about these short stories all too much besides on my Instagram back when I was reading them. I had heard I needed to read them all before reading Lady Midnight because slight spoilers, but now I don’t really think there’s anything major that are spoiled for these short stories. But anyway, I enjoyed them all, some more than others. My favourites were The Whitechapel Fiend, Born To Endless Night, and Angels Twice Descending. These three were goddamn amazing, and I gave each of them 5 stars. I loved that these stories told us about all of our favourite shadowhunters, from the past and the ones we are going to learn more about in the future. I was just a hell of a lot of fun.

4. Confess – Colleen Hoover


You all know by now that Colleen Hoover is one of my favourite authors ever, and if you didn’t know that, well now you do. This book was just as amazing as all of her other books, but it slowly made it’s way into the position of my second favourite CoHo book (Ugly Love is an extremely close third). It wasn’t as heartbreaking as some of her other novels, but it was still just so amazing, and the artwork inside is incredible I want a canvas of them all on my walls. (click image for full review)



3. Illuminae – Amie Kaufman & Jay Kristoff


This book is one of the most unique books I’ve ever read. I mean, the way it is formatted is insane and so goddamn cool I absolutely loved it. Although it is almost 600 pages long, you end up flying through it because of the awesome format and the way it’s written. It was such an enjoyable read with twists and turns and kick arse characters, and if you haven’t picked it up yet then you really need to. Also, I really need to get my hands on the sequel, Gemina, asap. (click image for full review)



2. Nevernight – Jay Kristoff


Well well well. I just finished reading this book and it was goddamn amazing. It was so unique and entertaining and gripping and beautifully written I just ugh, it was such a fantastic read. The world Jay Kristoff created was stunning and complex and so unlike anything I’ve ever read before. If you haven’t already, you NEED to go and pre-order this amazing book (published in August), because it is honestly a masterpiece.

My full review will be up very soon, so stay tuned for that!


1. Lady Midnight – Cassandra Clare

Is it really a surprise that this is number one??? Like really? REALLY??? Of course not. This book was amazing. Cassandra Clare does such a beautiful job in the Shadowhunter World, and I don’t care what people say, the world she has created is amazing and she can write in it as much as she goddamn wants to, because I know I’ll be reading every single series and companion novel and bind up she writes in this beautifully crafted world. Lady Midnight was full of feels, from love to hate, to sadness to joy, to everything inbetween. I know this series is going to kill me, but I welcome my death with open arms. Give me more Julian and Emma, like right now. I need the next two books right now please Cassie. (click image for full review)


So there you have it, my top 5 reads for the year so far! Let me know what some of your favourites have been so far in 2016, and if you loved the books above as much as I did!
Until next time, danielle


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  1. Confess! Colleen Hoover is an auto buy author for me but confess is beautiful. I love how the books incorporate the pictures so you can actually see the artwork for yourself whilst you read along, it really adds something to the overall reading experience. 😀


  2. I haven’t got too many 5-star reads this year either – 5 out of 50. You have some great picks!! I LOVED Illuminae and Lady Midnight. Can’t wait to read Nevernight as well, I’ve heard amazing things (and after meeting Jay Kristoff at TeenCon I just have to read it!)


  3. Nice picks! Lady Midnight is definitely up in my top book so far too. I’m yet to read the others, though from the ridiculous amounts of praise I’ve heard about all of them, I think I’ll probably love them. Cool post!


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