This tag was created by the ever so lovely ladies, Julia and Ngoc, and I was tagged by Jananee and Julia as well, so thank you! When I saw this tag there was no way I wasn’t going to give it a go! (I think it’s my Aussie pride coming through).

So let’s do this!


1. KOALA: A character you want to cuddle ALL DAY LONG



If you couldn’t already guess this then you clearly do not know me well enough, but WILLIAM HERONDALE MY LOVE. Like, he’d probably tell me to leave him alone so he can go and kill demons and kick arse, but I will hug him and never let go.





2. VEGEMITE: A book you love that everyone else hates



I know a lot of people love this series but a hell of a lot of people also hate it, especially this book. I will forever love this series because it’s what got me into reading, plus the characters and story is just fab and gosh I need to re-read it again soon.



3. SOCCEROOS: Fave fictional squad

Okay, I’m sorry (not really) but I have to pick all of the Shadowhunter squads okay they are just too precious and perfect.


4. SOUTHERN CROSS: Most recent 5-star read



This book was amazing (as all Colleen Hoover books are) and is hella important so go read it asap if you haven’t already.



(Spoiler-free review here)




5. PATRIOTISM: Fave book by an author from your country



I’ve been raving about this book for a couple months now, so if you haven’t read it yet let me just say that you really, really need to read it. Like right now. It starts off a little slow and confusing, but my god it’s a masterpiece.


(Spoiler-free review here)

Honorable mention to Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff for Illuminae, because that book is crazy good also!
6. ECHIDNA: A book you like to look at, but it physically hurts to read



I own the limited edition of this beauty, and I’d be lying if I said I don’t stare at it at least once a day. If you’ve read this book you know how painful it is, but I love it so goddamn much.



(Spoiler-free review here)



7. NED KELLY: A book that is really grim, but an iconic must-read





I’m not sure if grim is really the right word, but it does deal with a difficult topic and everyone needs to read it.





8. GREAT BARRIER REEF: A book that had you gaping in awe




This series is so underrated so when I read it I was so surprised and shocked at how amazing it is. It definitely deserves some more love.





9. PAVLOVA: A light & fluffy book that you can’t help but love




I couldn’t not pick Anna for this question. Like, it’s one of the cutest books ever and I love it so much!



(Spoiler-free review here)



10. MILO: A genre/author you reach for to get you out of a reading slump

I always, always reach for a contemporary when I’m in a slump or can feel one coming on. Colleen Hoover’s books are perfect for slumps, and I find New Adult in general really helps me get out of slumps.


So that’s the Aussie Book Tag! If you want to do it, go for it (you don’t have to be Australian) and say that I tagged you!

Until next time, danielle


4 thoughts on “

  1. OHMYGOSH YESSSSSS ALL THAT CASSIE CLARE LOVE ❤ I actually just re-read the first 3 books in TMI a few months ago & it was the most amazing experience every, definitely planning on finishing the re-read by the end of the year ❤ And I haven't read Nevernight yet but it sounds fantastic & gotta support that local talent! 😉 Thanks again for doing the tag!!!


    1. I re-read TID at the beginning of the year, and damn it was painful but so so worth it! I miss my TMI babies so much though!!! And you are welcome! Thanks for creating it 🙂


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