writing: update three


Wow, I really suck at these updates. You know what else I really suck at? Writing. No, not actually writing. I mean, not to blow my horn (is that the right saying? God, I don’t even know) but I think I’m an okay writer. I meant like, just getting the pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard, that’s what I suck at. But anyway, let me update you all on my writing/story progress since the last time I did one of these posts.

If you remember, which I’ll be surprised if you do since it’s been so damn long, but I have been editing my story. And you know what? Editing sucks. Like, really, really sucks. Do writer’s actually enjoy editing their own work? Because I sure as hell do not. It probably doesn’t help that a lot of what I’ve written for this story was written two years ago, and so my writing has changed a lot since then, so most of it is totally cringe-worthy.

But anyway, so I was editing. Or, well, not really editing at all. I found myself constantly procrastinating editing because I purely did not want to do it, and could really not be bothered. I knew I had a lot of work to do, and as time went on I had slowly been adding and changing the story, which I would have to try and fit in whilst editing. The more I thought about it, the more I wanted to change, and the more I put off from doing it.

So, I was basically just not writing, not working on my story, and I missed it. I missed actually writing, not editing and going over my work, but actually sitting down and writing freely.

So, I did a thing.
I decided to rewrite my story.

I wasn’t sure it was the right thing to do at first, but when I pulled up a blank word document and rewrote the majority of my first chapter again, I knew it was what I needed to do. Not only did I rewrite the first chapter, but I changed a lot of the storyline and characters, as well. I wanted it to feel fresh, feel different enough that it didn’t feel like I was actually rewriting, but kind of writing it again for the first time. Of course, I’ve kept a lot of the main plot points and events throughout the story, but it desperately needed a makeover, trust me. I mean, if I wasn’t as excited about the story anymore, how could anyone else enjoy it?

So, yeah, I guess I’ve technically gone backwards in my story progress, but I know that it will be so much better and so worth it in the end. Hopefully, once I finish this rewrite, I won’t be dreading the editing process as much as I did before!


Now, time to get this story rewritten!

I’ve been pretty busy lately (and fairly unmotivated blog/writing/reading wise) but I’m really hoping to spend the next few months really focusing on my story and hopefully getting through the first draft!

Wish me luck!



Are you a writer? Do you hate the editing process as much as I do? Have you ever thought, ‘screw it’, and rewritten your story?

Until next time, danielle


4 thoughts on “writing: update three

  1. I TOTALLY GET THE THING ABOUT CRINGES. The other day, I was sifting through few of the poems I wrote when I was younger and gosh. ARE THEY CRINGE-WORTHY? NAH. THEY’RE EXTRA CRINGE-WORTHY. 😂


  2. I’m a writer, and yes, I totally understand. Seriously, what you are going through is normal. Once I rewrote a 57,000 word novel in a month for a publisher who didn’t even take it in the end! Talk about a sacrifice. But in the end, my story was so much better than where it started, so rewriting can be necessary at times. Your characters will speak to you in a certain way, and if they decide to go in a different direction, you can only follow them and hope for the best!


  3. Heyy there.

    I know editing can totally suck. I wrote a YA book when I was in high school about three years ago and almost cringed to death while editing it. I had to totally abandon it.
    Maybe I’ll write something else someday.

    Cool update!


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