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t100 tag

I was obsessed with the 100 last year. Like, so damn addicted. I watched the first episode randomly one night to see what the fuss was about, and then I just couldn’t stop. It quickly became a favourite, until season 2 ended and SEASON 3 WAS NOT ON NETFLIX (though I’ve been told season 3 is pretty bad so I’ve been too scared to even watch it). So, I’m yet to watch the third season, though it is now finally on Netflix and I can, I’m still a little weary about it and I’m not sure when I’ll get around to continuing it.

But ANYWAY. Moving on. I was tagged by Mollie (who you should all follow here), who is also the original creator of this tag, so thank you, Mollie, for tagging me!
Let’s do this!


A character who is always losing loved ones:

Damn, I feel like most characters in fantasy worlds are always losing their loved ones, but for this one, I’ll have to go with Tessa Gray from The Infernal Devices. Don’t wanna spoil if you haven’t read it, but the poor girl has it pretty rough.


A cute fictional guy that can be an arse sometimes:

So like, most of my fictional crushes???? These are probably my favourite type of fictional boys, not gonna lie. And again, there’s so many to choose from! My favourite is Will Herondale (sorry not sorry for using The Infernal Devices again), of course. How could I not choose Will?


A strong independent lead:

Adelina from The Young Elites is one of my favourite kick-ass protagonists. She’s strong and independent and scary and does what she believes is right, even if it’s not really the right thing to do but like, she’s still bad-ass and I still love how complex and awesome she is.


A sarcastic, underrated side character:

(Side note: I HATED Murphy in the show, especially the first season. God, what a d*ck) Sarcastic and witty side characters are another favourite of mine; they just add so much entertainment and fun to the story. For this, I have to choose Puck from The Iron Fey series here, so much wit and I loved it so much.


A hero that is always heartbroken:

Let’s be real, most heroes end up heartbroken by the end of the series, but Paige Mahoney from The Bone Season has had it pretty rough. I mean, it’s only book three and already the poor girl has gone through a lot, LEAVE HER ALONE SAMANTHA SHANNON.


A diverse character that deserves more love:

MAGIANO MY PRECIOUS BABY FROM THE YOUNG ELITES! I know he gets a bit of love already, but he’s so sweet and beautiful and my heart aches for him. I just want everyone to read The Young Elites series so they can love him like he deserves.


A character from space:

I rarely read sci-fi books, but for this, my mind went straight to The Illuminae Files, and straight to Hanna from the second book, Gemina. Damn, what a great, kick-ass female character.


A character born to be a leader:

This one was a little tricky, but I think I have to go with Emma Carstairs from The Dark Artifices. She is such a strong and determined character and would do absolutely anything to protect her friends and family. Plus, I don’t think she really likes to be told what to do, either.


A character that’s good with technology:

Is it bad of me to choose another Illuminae character? Yes? Maybe? Too bad. Kady is an absolute gem with technology and is also just a fabulous character in general.


A character that’s a healer:

I could be logical and choose an actual healer from an actual series, but I feel like that’s not really what the question is asking (or maybe I’m looking into it too much)… I think Julian Blackthorn (yes okay another Shadowhunter, sue me) is such a good healer for those around him. He’s always there for his family and is such good emotional support for them all.



Anddddd that’s a wrap! I tag Sam, Bec, Alex, Casey, and Aentee to do this tag (although they’ve all probably already been tagged by Mollie, sorry not sorry)!

Until next time, danielle


3 thoughts on “the 100 book tag

  1. Kady is so good with tech I probably would have choose her too! Julian is such a hunny I can’t wait to re-read Lady Midnight and lord of shadows to get more of him although I’m scared of what he’ll be like in LoS *hides*
    Thank you for the tag! I need to start catching up on tags asap xD


  2. Great tag Danielle! Agree with all your answers!
    Also, I hated Murphy too in the show but he has gotten a lot more tolerable in the later episodes. S3 was such a dud for me as well, but S4 has been a lot better (: at least imo!


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