bookish buzzwords


I’ve seen a few booktubers and bloggers doing this recently and at first, I wasn’t really interested because I didn’t think I had any buzzwords, but then I actually thought about it and realised that I do, indeed, have some bookish buzzwords.

If you aren’t familiar with the term, bookish buzzwords are basically words or phrases that, when you hear them associated with a book, you instantly need to pick it up or add the book to your TBR. Make sense? Not really? I suck at explaining things, but I’m sure you’ll figure it out!

Anyway, here are five of my bookish buzzwords/phrases!

Anti-heroes/’bad’ characters:

I’m not talking about villains here, but the character’s that are thieves, or criminals, or just anti-heroes. I think my love of these characters comes from the rarity of them since most YA books have a hero or a moral character to drive the story. Having these ‘bad’ characters is just refreshing and different and so damn entertaining.
(Examples: The Young Elites, A Darker Shade of Magic, Six of Crows)


Let’s be real, who doesn’t love cats? They’re stubborn, crazy, and just so damn entertaining. And when they’re put in fiction, especially a fantasy setting, I just can’t deal. AND WHEN THEY CAN TALK?????? Literally the best thing ever. All cats in fantasy should talk, okay? It needs to happen.
(Examples: Nevernight, The Iron Fey series, Shadowhunter Chronicles)

Magic/fantasy schools:

Contemporary schools are so meh. Like, I’ve been there, I’ve done the stress and the drama and the awfulness, so a lot of the time I’ll get bored of novels set in schools. But magical schools, I am all for. I think it’s mostly because they’re so different from regular schools, and the fact that they get to learn spells or weaponry or some cool magical history like it would just be so damn cool.
(Examples: Harry Potter, Shadowhunter Academy, Vampire Academy, Nevernight)

The sassy/sarcastic/witty love interest:

I have a love of sarcastic and witty characters in general, but when it’s the love interest I am sold. I just find them so fun and entertaining and I literally cannot get enough of them. Give me all the sarcastic, witty, sassy characters please, thank you.
(Examples: Shadowhunter Chronicles, Mara Dyer trilogy, The Young Elites)

Mystery/suspenseful YA:

This has become a recent love of mine, mostly because it’s so rare in Young Adult. I love creepy, mysterious movies and TV shows, but very rarely do I want to read these type of books if they’re Adult. I guess I just love that the story is still YA but has a mysterious aspect to it, but I need there to be more!
(Examples: Mara Dyer trilogy, Black by Fleur Ferris, Far From You by Tess Sharpe)

And there you have it! Some of my bookish buzzwords! I’m sure I have more buzzwords, but I think these are my main ones.
Let me know what some of your bookish buzzwords are, and if you share mine!

Until next time,Β danielle


7 thoughts on “bookish buzzwords

  1. Ooh, this is such a cool post! πŸ‘ŒπŸ» I also love magic schools, anti-heroes and witty characters: THE BEST!
    (Hint hint The Name of the Wind has a magical school nudge nudge)
    I may have to snaffle this blog post idea, it’s a good’un! Really enjoyed reading! πŸ˜‹β€οΈ


    1. Ah yes great minds think alike hehe
      But yes feel free to snaffle it right up, I will enjoy it in your hands *winky face*
      Thank you for commenting *love heart love heart* (stoopid computer and no emoji’s)

      Liked by 1 person

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