books i love but don’t talk about enough

books i love but don't talk about

I am very aware that I tend to scream about and shove a certain few books or book series at people to read, and they are always my main favourites. But there are so many other books that I love but just don’t give them the hype or talk about them nearly enough. So, today I wanted to talk about some of these books. Ten, to be exact. These are all books I have given 5 stars to and books that I highly recommend, so let’s get started!


Angelfall – Susan Ee


I don’t think I’ve ever spoken about this series on my blog, and if I have, it was probably one of my very first posts. Clearly, I don’t talk about this series much, and that makes me sad because it was actually so amazing. If you don’t know what it’s about (which is highly likely since it’s a pretty underrated series), basically we follow Penryn when the apocalypse hits. But plot twist, it’s the angels and they definitely aren’t angelic. They take her younger sister and Penryn’s on a mission to save her. It’s such an amazing, kick-ass read and the protagonist is super badass and I loved it so much.


Hopeless – Colleen Hoover


I know, you’re probably thinking ‘but she talks about CoHo all the time’. Yes, that may be true, but whenever I do, I usually talk about November 9, Ugly Love, or It Ends With Us, or practically any of her books bar this one. This is definitely her least popular book, and it’s by far her most painful. Yes, more painful than Ugly Love. Didn’t think it was possible, did you? This book was heartbreaking and wonderful and gives you all of the feels, and it definitely deserves more love.


Vampire Academy & Bloodlines – Richelle Mead


I think I talk about these two series more than others in this post, but still not nearly as much as I should. They’re also so underrated and I get it, the covers are pretty hideous but I SWEAR THEY’RE GOOD (it’s what’s on the inside that counts, right?). I am in need of a VA reread soon, and I cannot wait to visit some of my all-time favourite characters again.


Poison Study – Maria V. Snyder


Another underrated series, but at least this one has pretty covers (sorry, VA and Bloodlines)! This is one I wasn’t expecting to love and was pleasantly surprised by it, mainly because it was such a great YA high fantasy that NOBODY knows about/has read. I know that fans of Throne of Glass will love this series, so get your hands on it ASAP and love it with me.


Summer Skin – Kirsty Eagar


This is the only #LoveOzYA in this list which is a little sad and I’m trying to read more, but this book was wonderful. Technically a New Adult, set in a university in Queensland, this book is full of romance, adventure, feminism, and just everything you want in an NA book, really. It definitely deserves more lovin’. If you wanna know my full thoughts check out my review here.


Forbidden – Tabitha Suzema


This one I tend to forget about sometimes. It’s not that I didn’t like it or anything, it’s just not a book I often recommend, mostly because of the taboo relationship it features. I really do wish more people would read it, though. It’s such a beautifully written novel and shows the struggles of family, school, and love so, so well. I have a post explaining why you should read this book, which you can read here.


The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer – Michelle Hodkin


This is another one I forget about every now and then, and again it’s not because of the book or anything, I’ve just read a lot of books and have a lot of favourites that sometimes I forget a few. I’m sure I’m not the only one, right? *sweats* Anyway, I think I need to give this one a reread as well, because I miss these characters and the unique story.


Saga (Graphic Novels) – Brian K Vaughn & Fiona Staples


This was my first graphic novel, and I definitely wasn’t expecting to love it as much as I did. There are currently seven volumes out, but damn, I wish there were more. The artwork in these volumes is incredible, and the story and the characters are just as amazing. It’s so damn interesting and super fun to read; if you haven’t picked them up I highly advise you to do so.


The Hate U Give – Angie Thomas


I admit I do give this one quite a lot of love, but no matter how often I recommend it I don’t think it’ll be enough. This book deserves all the love and needs to be in everyone’s hands. Such an important book, such a wonderful story, and one that will stick with me for a very long time. If you want to know my full thoughts, you can read my review here.




Just a few books I don’t give enough love, even though I loved reading them. Let me know some books you don’t share your love for enough, or what you thought of any of the books above!

Until next time, danielle


13 thoughts on “books i love but don’t talk about enough

  1. Hopeless! I think I need a Colleen Hoover reread because it’s been so long since I read her books but Hopeless was so so good. I never saw the whole big thing coming either!
    I’ve only read Vampire Academy, Hopeless and The Hate U Give so far but definitely will check out the others on your list. Recently finished THUG and omg so good!!


  2. I do this with a lot of books, too! I’ll go on and on for days about certain ones but not others, and no one has any idea that I love, for example, A Series of Unfortunate Events. The Hate U Give is on my lies of things to read – I’ve heard nothing but good things about it.


  3. I completely agree with how important & poignant THUG is. I only gave it 4 stars when I read it, but it’s definitely sat in my heart and made me more wary. So beautiful. ❤ You have many favourites that I haven't read yet!!! (Who's surprised. Nobody. Shame at me.) I can't wait to get to Summer Skin and Poison Study!!!!


  4. Angelfall is SO GOOD!!! I totally agree it is super underrated, as well as the Study Series. Seriously, people need to talk about these more, they are amazing!


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