2018 resolutions

I may be a little late here, but HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!

I hope you all had a wonderful 2017, and that this year will be even better for you. 2018 is going to be a year of change and discovery for me, as I’m moving back to my hometown (away from the city) and in with my boyfriend, I’m travelling, and I’m hoping I’ll figure out exactly where I want to be and how to get there. As well as that, I also want to achieve these goals for myself. I haven’t set many, but the ones I am going to try and accomplish are pretty big and I will need to put a fair bit of effort into trying to achieve them.

And with that, here are my goals/resolutions for 2018!

  • Focus on my writing, which was also one of my goals for 2017 (and I failed at it). When I say focus on my writing, I mean I want to try and put it first, before reading books or anything else. Ideally, I want to finish my first draft of my current WIP and edit it, and then hopefully also start querying (is that a word?) for it before the year ends! I know, pretty high hopes, but I’ll be so happy if I can achieve this.
  • Read more backlogged books. Basically, I just want to read the unread books I’ve had sitting on my shelves for much too long. Of course, I will still be reading plenty of new releases (since there are some pretty amazing ones coming out in 2018) but I want to try and focus on the oldies. Ideally, I’d love to try and read at least one backlogged book a month, but we will see how well I can juggle reading and writing…
  • Put more effort into my social media platforms. This goes for Instagram, Twitter, and my blog. You may notice that my blog has changed slightly; I’m currently ‘renovating’ it, which will take a while longer but will be well worth it in the end. As for my Instagram and Twitter, I want to be more active and more engaging with my followers, be more creative with my photos, and have more fun with it. I found that sometimes taking photos and posting on Instagram every day felt like a chore, and I didn’t feel like my hard work was paying off (I blame the stupid algorithm for that). I hope that in 2018 I can fix that.

That’s really all I want to focus on in 2018. I figured if I made too many goals I wouldn’t be able to achieve them and it would just stress me out.

Let me know what some of your goals are for this year!

Until next time,



5 thoughts on “2018 resolutions

  1. I think most of my goals are very similar to yours! Finish the shitty first draft of my WIP, read all the books I own, and focusing on blogging!


  2. I feel like a few of my goals are very similar to yours, hopefully, we both will be able to accomplish them throughout the year, and I am glad you mentioned the Instagram Algorithm, it annoys me so much and leaves me feeling very unmotivated to use my account, I feel like a make no progress at all, and also end up not seeing pictures from amazing small bookstagramers, I wish Instagram would just listen to us users and change it.


  3. Read more Backlogged books is definitely something i NEED and want to do in 2018. I get too caught up in the hype of the constant stream of new books coming out that I forget about the one’s I purchased because I was excited before this new one came out. For example Lord of Shadows which I have finally just picked up!


  4. Our goals are practically identical haha!
    I really want to nail the write everyday thing because I’ve never managed to make that habit stick for some reason.

    Best of luck xx


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