get my tbr under 100: update

Hey friends! I know it’s been a while, and I apologise for not being active in the last month. I’ve been lacking a lot of motivation for this blog, as well as my Instagram account, though I may go into more details with why at a later date. For now though, if you still want to see content from me, I have been updating my YouTube channel, so if you haven’t yet subscribed it would be wonderful if you did so now!

Anyway, back to the actual point of this post; updating you all on the ridiculous challenge I decided to set myself back in June. If you’re reading this and are completely unaware of what I’m talking about, you can read the post here, but basically I decided to try and get my physical TBR under 100 by the end of 2018. Sounds unattainable, right? Well, to quickly recap, I had about 136 unread books on my shelves when I started this challenge, so really I only had to read 36 to get to 100, and do so in six months, which works out to be around six books a month. When you put it that way, it actually sounds doable, right?

So three months later, and with like four months left of 2018 (wtf how???), am I on track? Let’s find out!!

At the moment I’m writing this, my physical TBR is at 115 books. 115!!!!!!! Which means I only have to read 15 in the next three/four months to get to 100! I AM ACTUALLY DOING BETTER THAN I THOUGHT WHAT ON EARTH DANIELLE HOW ARE YOU DOING THIS?!?!?!! So really, I only have to read like four books a month to complete this challenge, and as I’ve been reading a lot more than usual lately I think I’ll be able to do it (as long as I don’t haul any more books…. *looks at all the amazing releases coming out in the next few months* ha ha ha *cue stress*).

So hopefully I manage to complete this challenge, and I think it’s highly likely that I will, but I don’t want to get too cocky just yet. A lot can happen in four months, but fingers crossed I stick to it and smash this challenge! I will update you all again at the end of the year, where I’ll hopefully be celebrating because I completed it rather than crying because I wasn’t able to…

I also wanted to check in on the TBR that I set when I started the challenge. I picked 36 books on my shelves to read, which I’m happy to say I’ve made a pretty good dent in. I still need to read about 15 of them, but I’m also reading two of them at the moment so I’m still feeling pretty good about how many I’ve managed to cross off. I’ve definitely read a lot more than just the books on this list as well, but most have still been books on my shelves so I’m still happy I’m powering through my TBR!

My TBR list:

  1. The City of Brass
  2. The Exact Opposite of Okay
  3. A Thousand Perfect Notes
  4. Rough Animals
  5. Jar of Hearts
  6. One Tiny Lie
  7. Four Seconds to Lose
  8. Five Ways to Fall
  9. Shiny Broken Pieces
  10. Eliza and Her Monsters
  11. We Should All Be Feminists
  12. Second Chance Summer
  13. 10 Things I Can See From Here
  14. Begin, End, Begin
  15. Risk
  16. Found
  17. A Shadow’s Breath
  18. Leah on the Offbeat
  19. I’ll Give You the Sun
  20. More Happy Than Not
  21. Always and Forever, Lara Jean (currently reading)
  22. From Twinkle, With Love
  23. Night Film
  24. The Book Thief (currently reading)
  25. A Monster Calls
  26. The Language of Thorns
  27. Their Fractured Light
  28. Strange The Dreamer
  29. Legend
  30. Prodigy
  31. Champion
  32. Cinder
  33. Scarlet
  34. Cress
  35. Winter
  36. Fairest

The remaining books on the list I am still planning to read before the year ends, with 7 of them actually on my TBR for September (probably a bit too ambitious there, but we’ll give it a go anyway). If I do manage to read them all in September, then I’ll actually be well on track to finish this challenge a lot earlier than anticipated, possibly in November!

But anyway, that’s really all I’ve got for today’s post! I hope you enjoyed this little update, and let’s hope I can beat this challenge before 2018 comes to an end!

Have you got a reading goal for 2018? How are you tracking? What books are on your TBR for the rest of the year?

Until next time,


5 thoughts on “get my tbr under 100: update

  1. Getting my TBR under a 100 has been one of my goals too! I just need to figure out how many still stands, thank for reminding me 😂 and well done on your progress! That’s amazing!!


  2. Omg I LOVE this idea! I’ve been wanting to get my TBR back into double digits for awhile now, ad this has just motivated me so much. In fact – would you mind if I did my own post like this, basically just saying I have a goal to get my TBR under 100? I’d give credit to your post and link back here, of course!


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