It's been way too long since I've done a favourites post on here, so it's about damn time I do another one! I've done favourite series, favourite contemporaries, and a bunch more recommendations that you can check out through the 'recommendations' tab just up there ^, but I thought I'd do a slightly different favourites … Continue reading


I am very aware that I tend to scream about and shove a certain few books or book series at people to read, and they are always my main favourites. But there are so many other books that I love but just don't give them the hype or talk about them nearly enough. So, today … Continue reading

Ah, underrated books. So bittersweet. Finding an undiscovered gem is great until you realise that you have no one to share your love and feels with. So here I am, with five books/book series that I think are underrated and deserve some more loving. I did another post like this back in July last year, … Continue reading

You know when you read a book and it's so great that you want to read every other book like it? No? Just me? Well, today, I shall be sharing a few recommendations of lesser-known books that are similar to some popular books. And if that didn't make any sense, then basically if you like … Continue reading

Since it's Valentine's Day I thought I would share some super cute, heartwarming, totally full of feels, contemporaries, because why the hell not? I don't think Valentine's Day is a big thing anymore, at least not in Australia. Or maybe it's just because I don't really do anything for Valentine's Day anymore, mainly because my … Continue reading

2016 has been a really good year in terms of my reading (apart from reading, it was a shitty year let's be honest). I also did a favourites of 2015 last year, so if you are interested to see what I loved last year, click here. Anyway, I read around just over 60 books, slowed … Continue reading

We all know how much hype can influence our reading, whether it made us read a book that turned into one of our favourites or read a book that just really didn't live up to your high expectations, hype can play a huge role in the books we read and our experiences with them. I … Continue reading