You know when you read a book and it's so great that you want to read every other book like it? No? Just me? Well, today, I shall be sharing a few recommendations of lesser-known books that are similar to some popular books. And if that didn't make any sense, then basically if you like … Continue reading

Since it's Valentine's Day I thought I would share some super cute, heartwarming, totally full of feels, contemporaries, because why the hell not? I don't think Valentine's Day is a big thing anymore, at least not in Australia. Or maybe it's just because I don't really do anything for Valentine's Day anymore, mainly because my … Continue reading

2016 has been a really good year in terms of my reading (apart from reading, it was a shitty year let's be honest). I also did a favourites of 2015 last year, so if you are interested to see what I loved last year, click here. Anyway, I read around just over 60 books, slowed … Continue reading

We all know how much hype can influence our reading, whether it made us read a book that turned into one of our favourites or read a book that just really didn't live up to your high expectations, hype can play a huge role in the books we read and our experiences with them. I … Continue reading

I've wanted to do a post like this for a while now, but I've always struggled to find books that are similar enough to compare to one another. I've managed to find five books/series that I believe are somewhat similar to more popular and hyped books, that if you enjoyed I think you would enjoy … Continue reading

I don't know about you guys, but discovering amazing books that not many people have read yet is one of my favourite things. It's also one of my least favourite things because I can't fangirl and share my love with anyone, which obviously kind of sucks... But anyway, let me tell you all about the … Continue reading

Okay seriously, how on earth can we already be six months into 2016? And June is almost over now as well??!!! This year has honestly flown by so fast I don't even know where the time has gone, surely it was March just the other day?! But, as it is the halfway point in 2016, … Continue reading